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I’m your classic wanderlust, indulging in my own weird wonderings. These poems, song lyrics and short-stories written on my reflection of life. I’ve struggled in the past to connect, to admit to myself how I feel or even what I enjoy doing, and still struggle to do so with others at times. Now, I’ve learned to get it out, instead of shutting down, creating awkward tension – closing up.

Poetry allows me to express things that I otherwise wouldn’t vocalise, as I don’t expect everyone to understand, as I often don’t understand the words or actions of others, but I do my best in life to try.  This life has brought me so much to be grateful for, and despite my history of anxieties, anorexia, drug abuse etc. I have accepted that life as we know it, is complex and hard to understand, but I consider myself whole-heartedly lucky to be a part of it. I know how fortunate I am to be able to say that too.

I’m an accepting and independent woman…I can’t say any more on that.

Writing in general has been the tool I use to escape, to contemplate. I practice yoga and mindfulness too, and use my travel experiences to draw creativity. These things have expanded my mind and inspired me to always create and push past the boundaries of my mind that tell me I can’t. There’s noting that widens perspective more than travel and the unknown. These wonderful moments in life that have helped me build my own understandings, and the forever changing patterns and cycles that continue to play out before us, we have the capacity to live multiple lives in one and that excites me.

Music is the key to my soul, and I know a lot of relate to that, but there isn’t a song lyric I don’t remember – I see life in waves.

Personal Instagram: @gabyjmorse