The Gallery.

Standing in spaces. Delving into mind’s options. Time to depict, to create conflict. Learn. Gesticulate. Interpret interpretation. Observe ideas projection, stories creation, repetition. Continue to deceive mind’s own. Art seems closed and cold to the masses, and so pose sophistication across the nations, acts in ways to uphold reputations, be seen in places it means, cares to be seen, between a Prince and a Mogul, prepare for handshakes, well words said, faces read, onwards to questionable rock on shiny wall. Polite to pretend? Does name give merit to a trend? Not on the defense, don’t take offense. Art is objective…no subjective. Lend own worthy opinion, no small words need be dampened down to cliche. Vocabulary game. A wordless reaction speaks more than to say. Creation is reaction itself not to be understated. Real. No journey just the end product, stand present in the spacial construct, give what you can to a scenario. Enjoy the visage. Breathe. Acknowledge. Leave.

The gallery experience. 


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