Disrupt life.

Life becomes living, when you have no control, over anything or anyone, you take responsibility for your actions, let things be. Stand up and make it known who you are, what you’re about, what you want. Let things linger? Not today. When life doesn’t go your way, choose to let the wave move over you. Living in misery is a choice, don’t frequent it. Choose to leave, to change, to be happy, to step away from conformity, to step away from the pressure of others and ourselves. If you agree to change the current, rather than fight with the waves -life as you know it, will go ‘your way’. Transference of energy, embracing change, being your own game, because playing yourself is the only way to enjoy each moment, your mind is a powerful tool,  to make you feel you have it all – you do. It’s central to your own well-being, not what’s out there trying to disrupt life’s meaning, realising you should be beaming, because you are here, now, living.

Change the current, don’t fight with the waves. 


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