Princess Girlboss.

Proud to be woman, proud of my curvature, a shape to be used, as the knife is by the chef. Takes a while to gain appreciation for womanly tools, to take compliments as they are, even when they come from a passing car. Enjoy admiration. Enjoy masturbation.  Something I crave is for him to be brave, let me be me, take control and be his baby doll. I’m Girlboss meets Princess. Shout out to the guilty feminists. Man is not the enemy of today, but the past is the enemy of us all, preventing progression and freedom, making us bitter, scared to move on. Equality is a step for the journey, I’m with you sisters and brothers, I’ve been here all my life, is it quite as simple for others? It’s like being brain-dulled to press down emotion, and therefore struggle with the notion, to challenge constraints of our time, we open our minds. No fear of rejection and lack of acceptance. The feminist movement can be rife argument because we have to face truths that might make us  bruise. But we’re stronger together, and when we stop clinging on to ideals of the past, we will be powerful enough to set new sustainable paths. We can help each other change, to realise the errors of their ways and confront the challenges we’ll face ahead. Activate our minds, but understand the fragilities in this time, we can’t put others on trial for misinformation, or upbringings of a nation, you are the proof in the pudding my friend, so you’ll be living this out til the end. It may become clear to see, it’s simple, we’re all just one humanity, not possessed by any living thing, our freedom is now…perhaps family have a place in your heart, you’re your own work of art, we’re people under one roof, isn’t this place small.

Girlboss confession.


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