There’s a hole in being whole.

Where’s this ‘hole’ in my heart that is often spoken. I can’t feel it. You know the one, the one that can be filled by love from another, but not the kind of love that comes from your brother. It takes one who captures your soul, without which I’m told I can’t likely be whole. So why does my heart feel so, when there is but one soul present and standing alone. Am I am puzzle looking for completion? Maybe some sort of game to be played, a half looking to meet its whole, as if I’m not capable on my own. OK, yes some holes can be filled with great pleasure, but sex is talk of another measure.  I hypothetically reached a turning point, living in pure bliss, I’m alone in this world, and at the same time whole. I’ve found comfort with a connection that brings me no fear, that’s made me feel powerful as I continue grow, so to be met with looks from those who tell me I am yet to find true satisfaction, until the knight comes down of his steed, and sweeps me off my feet…I guess I hope when this event happens and I eventually greet him we’ll both equally fall and forget ourselves…then I believe the story is told. But we’ll eventually resent each other, and it’ll all be a lot of bother. I learned to make decisions that shake the soul with no constraints and decisions that are bold. I haven’t yet quite decided if I need another, who pushes and prods and shifts my colours, changes my skin, makes me sad….but then again I’m sure it’s not that bad, in fact it’s probably rather nice, to share in a lot of your life with another, equally I don’t want to put that on them, I’m no angel, I’m not easy, I’m selfish and entitled so there’d be that going on.

commitment issues. 


3 thoughts on “There’s a hole in being whole.

  1. poetryfromtheinkwell says:

    The society we live in will always question our choices regarding relationships. I agree, they probably would not like the answers to their questions but who cares. It’s your life and you do what you need to do as long as it satisfies all involved.

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