The Drop.

Our logic dropped out of our head, and rolled off your shoulders when we were lead across the dead, see. Those influencers on the heart-shaped bed, called across the dimly-lit room, ‘you there, come to the heart-shaped bed, gratitude you must show, roll your die.’ It wasn’t the vision for our time here to be sold, so cold and so bold. Taken by mystical wizardry, turned into nothing more than a shiny toy, and played with such joy. There was a current of the sought-after situation, it was enough to be desired in a place that had it all, existing to be present, only for attention, to be required when called upon to entertain, to be someone else’s gain. Chosen and attractive above all others who’d not made a dent in his world, I proceeded to be an obedient woman, a sassy, classy, but speak when you’re spoken to kinda woman, not to stray from the day to day rituals. ‘Leave whenever you want, the door is always open’.  Siempre si, or always shut – this world is so closed. Nunca es suficiente. I’m reading the ”exit through the beach stop’ signs. It’s easy, peasy, the lemon just drops like the drop of the beat from the shamanic house rock, they call us the flowers, we pretty the place – filling up that empty space. If only the gaps in the mind were as easy to fill, with something more than the lines of more eloquent speakers, ones with the roll of the tongue, and facts and features from Time Magazine, and the contemporary art scene. Now for the alphabet, C, K, smoke a J, take G, have an E, don’t sit and drink tea. Continue to numb the mind, to be blind-sighted in the dark, this set up is a work of art. The pattern keeps repeating, the people keep repleting, but the dance is the same and we’re still playing the game. They get you willing and eager, I sat at the table I could never have eaten, yet feeling beaten. Between a rock and a hard place, yet I did have a choice. I delivered the goods from the woods, to the forest, and arrived in the selva. This is a game of who can stay afloat, keep the illusion going, keep the supply flowing, never get personal, just sip your tipple, if you do speak, make it quick. Snappy, or feel the snap from the Cocodrilo.

Invitation to dance with the devil. 


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