The Writer

These poems and short stories are written around events that spark an emotion, an idea, or a feeling towards a situation, a person, or a thing.  It’s the intention that they are of the moment, and true to a reaction of an experience.

Writing in general has been the gateway to my creativity. I’m able to access the medium at any time from anywhere, jotting down the weirdest thought or observation can be the start of a new gateway in my mind. A dairy of ideas and perhaps mundane stories, that capture feeling that sometimes should be forgotten, or moments that you’ll always remember as beautiful demonstrations of how we process the world around us. Photography as well, I love as a medium, and like to pair my poems/stories with an image – even if seemingly unrelated.

Capturing a generation or an idea through words, lyrics and rhymes is what excites me, I unwind thoughts that have been stuck in the cracks of my mind with no previous verbal release.

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